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Body Jewelry
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This price is for 4 anklets/bracelets. Other options available, see below...

Green Aventurine:

Great for manifesting wealth. Releases old patterns to make room for new opportunities. Enhances creativity and motivation. Protection from environmental pollution, by absorbing smog. Heals emotional wounds, great for anxiety and depression. Protection from outside energy. Helps the heart Chakra.

Rose Quartz:

Restores trust and harmony in relationships. Promotes unconditional love: self-love, friendships, platonic, mother-love, romantic-love. Comforts during grief. Strengthens and balances the heart.


Calming stone. Great for children that have nightmares. Encourages artistic expression, and creativity. It calms the mind, great for insomnia and overthinking. Increases patience, reduces stress, eliminates pain and rage.

Lapis Lazuli:

Protection. Success. Respect.  Wisdom. Power. Inner-balance. Protection from negative energy. Manifestation. Friendship. Encourages one to express their truth. Enchances intuition and discernment. Helps with depression, insomnia, vertigo, boosts the immune system.


Manifestation. Dispels negativity. Stone of Optimism. Aids digestion helps with detoxing the body.

Red Agate:

Root Chakra. Protection. Grounding. Repels negativity. Stops infatuation with unnecessary and unhealthy things. Great for artists. Heals heartache. Helps with abdominal illnesses. Induces self-acceptance. Increases affection.


Also available:

Leopard Skin Jasper, Yellow Tiger's Eye, Unakite, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Turquoise, Mookaite, and Fluorite.


$10-1 anklet or bracelet
$14- 2 anklets and/or bracelet
$25 -4 anklets and/or bracelets

$33.33 1 Waistbead

$50- 2 Waistbeads

$60- 3 Waistbeads
$5 rings

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