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About Us

How I met Naila

After work, I needed to run an errand before picking up my daughters from school. I stopped by Beauty Masters beauty supply store and hesitated before exiting the car. Like many single parents, I have my hands full, in addition to maintaining our natural hair. I just needed a few moments to gather my thoughts and make a short list of items to prepare for the dreaded “wash day”. Little did I know, this day, in late-summer 2018, would change the way I viewed 4b/4c hair and reduce the products used to maintain our hair.

As I shopped for more than what I came for, this petite lady approached, and in her native accent, she asked, “do you need anything in particular?” We talked for several minutes and I recalled the need to strengthen my oldest daughter’s edges and retain length; my youngest (3-4yrs at the time) experienced eczema-like symptoms in her head, and lost hair on both sides and the back; I suffered from tension-hair loss, due to tight styling. With confidence, she recommended we try her organic, edible hair growth oil. Of course, I was skeptical and equally optimistic but agreed to meet her in a few days to try a sample.

Later that week, I picked up my sample remembering, Naila forewarned me of the strong aroma because garlic is one of the main ingredients, but I didn’t expect others to smell the marinade-like scent too! I was embarrassed and stopped using the oil but continued to apply the oil to my children’s hair. Within a few weeks, hair starting sprouting and within 2 months, my oldest daughter’s edges were 80% restored and my youngest daughter’s hair could be braided from all angles!

At 3 months of use, I was beyond impressed because I had been using a well-known growth oil for years but had not achieved fast growth as I did with Naila’s growth oil. With consistent use, I noticed detangling hair was less of a hassle, I saved on hair products, and fewer wash days were needed.

If you’ve ever taken down a braided style, detangling is inevitable, but not with the “holy grail” of growth oil, Naila’s growth oil to be exact! Like most naturals and product junkies, not every product works on every hair type, unlike Naila’s growth oil, it can be used by everyone! Because the main ingredients are antifungal and antimicrobial, fewer washes are needed on 45/4c hair. With a Denman brush, spray bottle, and few drops of oil I can change styles in between washing while retaining the natural oils secreted from the scalp to aide in healthy hair. Win! Win! Win!

-Chekiyah H.

Naila’s Story

Naila Rabah, originally from Jerusalem, a licensed cosmetologist and I’ve lived in Alabama for many years working for various hair and beauty supply stores. I began making this hair elixir for a teen girl that experienced Alopecia-type hair loss, almost 2 decades ago. The young girl and her mother were desperate to restore her daughter’s hair and we happened to cross paths where I worked at the time. I suggested trying my natural recipe to address hair loss at its source, dormant or damaged hair follicles.

I expressed how I want to target hair loss due to tension styling and to help Alopecia sufferers. The teen girl was excited to hear there was still hope and was eager to test the formula. I would hear from the mother and daughter periodically for more oil until one day I noticed it has been several months and I hadn’t heard from them. Then one day, I get a call from the young girl.

She explained they haven’t been around because the oil worked! Since then, I share my oil with customers and people in passing that express or suggests issues with hair loss.