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How do I apply the oil?

Original formula: Can be applied to hair, eyebrows, and men’s facial hair. Massage growth oil into scalp, mustache, or beard to stimulate blood flow and use sparingly on hair. Style as usual. Do not rinse. Can be applied to clean or unwashed hair. Use daily for best results! WARNING: Wash hands after use to avoid growing hair in unwanted places. Safe for children of all ages. Stop if irritation occurs.

Advanced formula: Massage onto scalp ONLY, use daily. DO NOT apply to hair, hardness may occur. If hair hardens, wash as normal. May be diluted with the original formula. For children 2 years and older. Stop use if irritation occurs.

Can I dilute the oil to mask the smell?

The oil is concentrated, diluting reduces effectives and increases the amount of time to see results. The earthy smell is due to the garlic-seed oil being one of the main and most effective ingredients to combat hair loss and a healthy scalp. The oil may be diluted with a leave-in conditioner or added to a spray bottle with water, then applied to hair.

Is the growth oil for women only?

No, the oil can be used by men, women, and children (*see “Which oil should I buy?”).

Do not use on animals! Is the oil safe?

That’s easy. YES! All ingredients are edible and non-toxic if ingested by children and animals.

Which oil should I buy?

Great Question! The original formula is mild and recommended for children as young as 6 months and older. It’s great for hair loss due to rubberbands, braiding, bleaching, and stubborn hair growth. The advanced formula is 2-3xs the strength of the original formula and was formulated for Alopecia-type hair loss, side effects of prescription medication, genetics, stress, and those that did not see results from the original formula.

What are the ingredients?


What does it do?

Thanks to garlic, the growth oil kills fungus, germs, and bacteria of the scalp. Garlic is rich in Vitamin C and increases collagen production to stimulate hair growth. The hair becomes stronger and longer, faster. When should I see results? When used daily, most clients see results within 14-30 days. Within 90 days, others should also recognize growth results. Be sure to take plenty of before and after pictures for future discounts!

When can I expect my delivery?

Orders are processed daily and shipped on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to be delivered within 2-3 business days. Most orders are received within 5-7 business days.

Are my products safe from COVID-19?

We understand and respect COVID-19 guidelines by ensuring all bottles are sanitized upon receiving inventory and again prior to packaging order for delivery. Where are you located? We are located in Birmingham, AL and can be reached via email

Will you add more products?

We are researching and testing items to add to the inventory. Before items are listed, they must be tested for at least 30-90 days. Products that fail to achieve the desired results must be corrected or eliminated and retested. Please be patient as we ensure quality products are available.